Sunday, January 8, 2012

"All I Want To Do-oo-ooo-oo-ooo..."

Since my cancer diagnosis I have realized that I have simple wants, obvious wants, out of life. Some folks want to be a movie star or a doctor. I admire those people. However, all of that publicity and all of those extra years of school just do not interest me. I just want to live to be able to experience some major life experiences. I want..........

a picture quite like this with my sisters on their wedding days.

 to marry the one who makes me laugh
even when all I want to do is cry.

to stay at the Biltmore. 
Do I need to explain why? 


To see Ellen do a show on the 
dangers of tanning.

Even when I know I look like a fool.



To play dress up with my future daughter.

I think it sounds like a fun way to celebrate my 5 year cancerversary.


To always aim to be as classy as Jackie O.


To always find joy in the little things.

to have a Little Audrey.

Or a little super hero. 


To learn to do yoga...
and do it.

And when the kids are grown,
we are old and sick,
I want to still be with the one who makes me laugh.

I am sure this list will grow. I simply ran out of time tonight!

Happy Sunday!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! This is exactly what was in my mind today. Just because either way you look at it, we will always think life is too short. I'm planning my wedding (Nov. 2012) and I can't wait to start a family, watch them grow, then grow old with my love.

    I wish the same for you!