About Me

I am Chelsea.
I'm 20-something native Virginia girl.
I didn't start blogging until I was diagnosed with stage 3 malignant melanoma...
which you can read all about here.
Since then, I've enjoyed the blogging world so much
that I decided to expand a little bit,
since I'm more than just the girl with melanoma.
I'm an aunt to the best little gal ever!
I have a college degree in English
but pay the bills by being an overqualified receptionist.
I love live music,
but hate bars where smoking is still allowed.
I enjoy looking fabulous,
but usually need fashion advice from my little sister.
I'm always reading something.
 I'm clueless when it comes to HTML
and completely indecisive about what I want this site to look like.
I strongly dislike tanning beds.
I have a pretty awesome boyfriend who keeps me grounded-
--and silly.
I am just starting this new blog,
so please stick around for a bit, OK?

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