Thursday, August 16, 2012

And Then I Was Reminded.

 Hanging on the ferris wheel, July 2011

Life has been a little crazy lately. 
Things are up in the air. 
Decisions are being made on our part
 and then something works against us 
which prevents those things from falling into place.
 We get our hopes up only to get shot down.

It is frustrating.

Today, after a typical,
"Have you heard anything yet?"
message back and forth to Mr. B,
I became really and truly bummed.

We try so hard to better our lives,
but how can we really do so until someone gives us a chance?

So, I said to Mr. B,
"Don't be sad. Things will fall into place."
And you know, maybe I was comforting myself just as much as I was comforting him.

Then he replies,
"I'm not sad. I'm hopeful. 
And I still have you to come home to at night."

And just like that,
in one single text message
I am reminded
how lucky I am

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