Sunday, August 12, 2012

Peace, Quiet, and Country Music

I took advantage of the glorious weather this morning by pouring a cup of coffee, grabbing my laptop, and heading out to the balcony to respond to emails and catch-up on some of my favorite blogs. While I was moderately distracted by the 2 grown men chasing after a ground hog, I was enjoying the peace.

And then the couple with their boombox strutted down to the pool. (Do they even make such a thing anymore?) Anyway, whatever it was, their iPod, their phone, whatever was blasting country music. Blasting! B (known as Mr. Spots on my melanoma blog) actually came outside to see where all the noise was coming from. While I enjoy country music, I do not appreciate hearing it on Sunday morning at full blast while I'm trying to relax. Our apartment overlooks the pool and I became quite annoyed by their disrespect for everyone else.

Am I just being grumpy or should people keep their music at a reasonable level? 

Maybe I'm just getting old........

Happy Sunday!

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