Monday, January 2, 2012

What Would YOU Do?

A new year brings new resolutions, or for some of us, old resolutions that we still have not completed. Although a few days behind schedule, I am pondering my 2012 resolution list. Should I go to the gym more often (OK, let's face it, I never go to the gym.), should I cut out caffeine and junk food completely? Should I promise to be more patient with my sweet boyfriend? I already know of the things I will do without a doubt: battle melanoma with a smile on my face, love those in my life even more than I already do, be a loyal daughter, a spunky friend, and a hardworking employee.

However, I saw the above image on the oh-so-addicting (think of the male in your life and his Xbox) website Pinterest, and began thinking. What would I do if I knew I would not fail?

I think I would write. Not in just an online blog that my family and friends read, but in a way that changes the lives of others. I may only be 24, but I have thoughts that I have a burning desire to share with others. I don't talk much, despite what my boyfriend may say, but give me a pen and pencil, and I will keep you reading.

There you have it, my friends, my 2012 resolution: find time to write something that deserves to be read.

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