Saturday, August 6, 2011

Me Time

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Every now and then I find it healthy to take a break from the craziness that is my life. Because of the hectic lifestyle I have been living, I have been unable to even think of such a thing. That is going to change now. This past year has beat me down emotionally and physically. To say I am being tested is an understatement. Sometimes I feel like I am being smothered by the constant pressure to just get from one day to the next. Other days I feel like life is just the way it should be. What a roller coaster. 

It takes courage to get from one life experience to the next. I refuse to just float through life. I will get through every battle life throws at me because I make the extra effort to get through it. Self pity is not my least it is not my thing for extended amounts of time. I will rise above it.  This makes me think of a book I recently read. In Moon Shell Beach, Nancy Thayer writes, "It was like leaving the safety of the shore and swimming into the ocean, hoping it wouldn't take you under, hoping for that phenomenal lift and ride the waves gave, that breathtaking experience nothing else could provide. To throw yourself in wholeheartedly, surrendering to the waves, was always a bit of a risk" (168).

I think it is time for me to take another risk.

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